Nearly every business searching for a place to expand to wants help with their bottom line through tax breaks, free land, or infrastructure expansion. Local governments ultimately foot the bill so it’s only fair that they understand whether the "investment" makes sense.

A new firm locating in your city or county will impact the local government and school district by raising revenues and expenditures over time. Which one rises more?

Fiscal impact analysis is a way to answer that question. If done right, it can provide reasonable estimates of the change in revenues through increased fee and tax collections and expenditures through increases in service costs due to expansion in households.

New Subscribers

To subscribe and pay online, click here. Or you may contact Robert Lann at 404-276-6746 or by email, or Alfie Meek at 678-357-7840 or by email.  LOCI (formerly known as WebLOCI) is now a product of the Economic Impact Group (EIG). Georgia Tech is no longer the owner of the software and will not support new licenses or renewals.

LOCI can be licensed by any economic development organization, local government, regional agency, or other type of organization with local fiscal impact responsibilities/interest. Private sector firms/consultants can also license the software but they are restricted by the license agreement from directly profiting from the software.

LOCI subscription rates are based on a yearly subscription rate. Please see the table below.

LOCI Subscription Plans


Small Community - $500 yr

Communities of less than 100,000 in population.



Medium Community - $1000 yr

Communities between 100,001-500,000 in population.



Large Community - $1500 yr

Communities larger than 500,000 in population.



Enterprise - $2000 yr

An Enterprise customer is typically defined as a regional organization or utility company.